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Buckley & Co is based in Johannesburg, South Africa with national and international clients. We offer graphic design and development services for mobile, web, print, marketing, advertising, and keynote speaker presentations.

Our Work


Brand Upgrade



Buckley & Co. conceptualised and designed the new corporatre identity for Tradestream which included the communication strategy, conceptualisation, layout and designs of all collateral, advertising and marketing material.

We also developed the new marketing campaign in-line with Tradestream's new look with various advertising and marketing material.

UI/UX Design

Hollywood Bets


Buckley & Co. designed the new Hollywood Bets App which included the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) interface designs, blue print, wireframes, journey, strategy, and conceptualisation.

We also designed the App store graphics for Google Play and the Apple App Store in-line with Hollywood Bets' corporate brand CI.

Marketing Campaign



Buckley & Co. developed a new marketing campaign for Tradestream which included the communication strategy, conceptualisation, layout and designs of various advertising and marketing material for print, web and social media platforms.

We also coached the internal marketing team and supporting staff on how to use the various advertising and marketing material accross all social media platforms, online and in print.

UI/UX Design

Digby Wells


Buckley & Co. designed the new Mobile Survey App for Digby Wells which included the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) interface designs, blue print, wireframes, journey, strategy, and conceptualisation.

We also designed the App store graphics for Google Play and the Apple App Store in-line with Digby Wells' corporate brand CI.

Purpose to Legacy



Buckley & Co. developed the Discovery Purpose to Legacy App that provides Discovery with a mobile tool to facilitate the “Purpose to Legacy” induction with the following features specified below.


An invitation is sent to the delegates from the RSVP system, which enables users to accept the invitation, confirm/complete their delegate details (name, surname, e-mail address, cellphone number and dietary requirements and when they would like to attend), once the delegate has completed their details, they are requested to complete a self-assessment survey. After the completion of the survey, user will receive login details and instructions on how to download the application.


Login and Authentication

Delegates receive an e-mail with login details to register to the Management Application.


Certain features are enabled on the day the delegate attends the “Purpose to Legacy" induction, when the delegate is within 50m of the venue.

The delegates can view a list of TED TALKS within the application, relevant to the “Purpose to Legacy” induction.

Self-assessment Survey Report

The delegates can also view a report of their self-assessment survey completed as part of the initial invite.


The application provides the delegates with a journal function, where the delegate can add/edit/view notes on the event.


Delegates are able to view a map of the venue with marked locations where they will be able to scan QR codes in order to unlock more information.

Push Notifications

The application allows the co-ordinator to send push notification to the mobile phones with the application installed.

Epic Journeys

Grant Thornton Capital


Buckley & Co. developed the 'Epic Journeys' marketing campaign for GTC (formerly know as Grant Thornton Capical) which included the communication strategy, conceptualisation, layout and designs of various advertising and marketing application.

We also coached the GTC internal staff to deliver impactful presentations to their clients, using the correct graphics and CI guidlines available to them.

Travel Planner Smartphone App

Anglo American


Buckley & Co. developed the Anglo American Travel Planner App that allows employees and management to monitor travel within the organization with key features like, User Registration, Vehicle Registration, Trip Logger, Checklist & Authorization Forms, Journey Reports and Maps.


User Registration

When using the app for the first time, the user will be able to register by completing a pre-defined form with personal details:

• Name & Surname
• ID Number
• Cellphone number
• Email address
• Code of license (car, truck, motorcycle)
• Expiration date of license
• Next of kin name & number
• Line manager’s e-mail address

Once the user has registered they receive a username and password that they can use to access the application.

Vehicle Registration

Users can register all vehicles that would be used for business travel, to keep track of vehicles used and assist with travel claims. The module can be accessed from a computer and from the mobile application. Predefined information is captured for each vehicle:

• Make of vehicle
• Model of vehicle
• Vehicle registration number
• Date vehicle license expires
• Vehicle drive train (2x4 or 4x4)
• Vehicle transmission (automatic or manual)

Trip Logger

Log journey information and automate the process of journey authorization. The user of the application would be required to complete pre-journey checks and information to get authorization for their journey and would be alerted about information. The information that is required to be completed can be defined within the “Authorisation Forms Creator Module” with basic information provided:

• Select Vehicle type – company or private
• Select available registered vehicle
• Enter starting km’s of vehicle
• Complete vehicle checklist
• Complete route checklist
• Complete travel authorization checklist
• View all route warnings and accept information
• Submit information completed for authorization
• Click on start to log travel information when journey starts
• Click stop at the end of the journey to save journey information

Checklist/Authorization Forms

Enable administrators of the application to create and edit various check forms and authorization forms for users of the application. These forms will be created from the administrator’s computer and for the users to be completed on the mobile application. The administrator will be provided with the following options:

• Select an existing form to edit or create a new form
• Enter form name
• Enter form validity date
• Create a new form field
• Select who needs to receive the authorization form
• Submit the form to be reviewed by other administrators
• Publish form

Journey Reports

Provide the user with a log report for travel claims, the user will be able to select a 'period from' and 'period to'. The user can then email the log to them or they can download a commas separate value (csv) file from their desktop.

Maps Content Manager

Provide the administrator the ability to create planned routes for users of the mobile application as per the below list:

• Create preferred named routes to location
• Add map information for risks, road hazards, heavy trucks, stop-and-go roadworks
• Estimated travel time on route
• Add preferred rest stops to routes
• Add warnings for strikes
• View new routes recorded by users
• View warnings posted by users
• Publish new routes recommended by users


Provide the users with information about their planned route and navigation on their route with specified hazards warnings and configured information as per the below list:

• Journey destination – select from a list of preferred routes
• Selects map
• Send map and directions via e-mail
• Views risks, preferred rest locations and route information
• Warned about traveling in the dark
• Warned if journey is more than 200km or 2 hours
• Warned about possible strikes
• Journey information is recorded
• If there is a journey mismatched, user is required to report the reason
• Add notes about journey if new hazards were identified
• Save newly recorded route to system


Foghound Coffee


Buckley & Co. designed the Sprada packaging for Foghound Coffee which included creative strategy, conceptualisation, photography, layout, design and final print setup.

We also designed the Sprade instruction manual, product stickers and marketing material.

SAB MS&D Conference

Global Brands


Buckley & Co. developed the Global Brands presentations for the SAB MS&D Conference which included communication strategy, video content, animation, layout, design, live performances and speaker coaching.

We also coach presenters to deliver impactful presentations for internal meetings, conferences or public presentations.

Sales & Marketing App

SAB Global Brands


Buckley & Co. developed a highly sophisticated mobile sales tool to reposition the Global Brands porfolio. We utilised mobile and social digital media platforms to amplify the current and upcoming campaigns and activations across the SAB sales force.


The SAB Global Brands App provides the SAB sales force with all the information they will need about upcoming and current campaigns for the Global Brands portfolio.

Global Brands

• Monthly message from the Global Brands General Manager
• Quarterly targets for each brand

Miller Genuine Draft

• Miller Genuine Draft - Brand Story
• Miller Genuine Draft - Brand Positioning
• Miller Genuine Draft - Television Commercials and Broadcast Plan
• Miller Genuine Draft - Current Campaigns
• Miller Genuine Draft - Upcoming Campaigns
• Miller Genuine Draft - Feedback Form
• Miller Genuine Draft - Social Media Twitter Integration
• Miller Genuine Draft - Social Facebook Integration


• Grolsch - Brand Story
• Grolsch - Brand Positioning
• Grolsch - Television Commercials and Broadcast Plan
• Grolsch - Current Campaigns
• Grolsch - Upcoming Campaigns
• Grolsch - Feedback Form
• Grolsch - Social Media Twitter Integration
• Grolsch - Social Facebook Integration


• Peroni - Brand Story
• Peroni - Brand Positioning
• Peroni - Television Commercials and Broadcast Plan
• Peroni - Current Campaigns
• Peroni - Upcoming Campaigns
• Peroni - Feedback Form
• Peroni - Social Media Twitter Integration
• Peroni - Social Facebook Integration

Pilsner Urquell

• Pilsner Urquell - Brand Story
• Pilsner Urquell - Brand Positioning
• Pilsner Urquell - Television Commercials and Broadcast Plan
• Pilsner Urquell - Current Campaigns
• Pilsner Urquell - Upcoming Campaigns
• Pilsner Urquell - Feedback Form
• Pilsner Urquell - Social Media Twitter Integration
• Pilsner Urquell - Social Facebook Integration

Keynote Presentation

Carlton Draught


Buckley & Co. designed the Carlton Draught 'Apple Keynote' presentation for the CUB Marketing Sales and Distribution Conference which included communication strategy, video content, animation, layout, design, live performances and on-site support.

We where also the on-site operators and technical support for the keynote speakers to insure impactful deliver and a flawless presentation for the CUB Marketing Sales and Distribution Conference.

Augmented Reality



With the Samsung Augmented Reality App you can see Samsung's TV collection lined up in real size in your own living room or click over to the home appliances range to view your new refrigerator, dishwasher or air conditioner in the comfort of your own home.

Using Augmented Reality this Samsung App reads the printed Samsung marker/graphic and unlocks a digital showroom of all Samsung's TV, Audio, Video & Home Appliances. It has never been easier to see how a new TV would look in your home.

Young Women's Clubs

Soul City


The users of the application register with their Name, ID Number, Cell Group Name, Cell Number and Date of Birth. Once the user is registered they login to the application. If the users forget their password, they can reset their password from the application and they will receive an OTP (one time pin) via sms to assist with the reset.

The administrator of the application can import a list of cellphone numbers and names into the system and send sms invitations for the application to selected contacts; the sms provides instructions on how to install the application. When a user is registered and logged into the application, they can send a friend request which will generate a sms to the recipient with instructions.


Membership Card " On-location Registration

This module enables the "Mentor" to take a photo of members, get basic information that is required and request a card to be created for the member. Once the request has been created, the information is sent to the Soul City Head Office for a card to be created. The card contains a unique QR code created for the member, as well as the member’s photo on the card.

Membership Enrolment:

• Membership information
• Contact information
• Relationship information

Chat Client

With Chat Client the user can start a chat and create chat groups where they can chat with other users of the application, similar to sms or other popular chat clients.

Session Information

Session invitations are sent to users within a cell group via in-application messages, or via sms if users don’t have a smartphone with the application. Once the user arrives at the session, the cell leader scan their membership card as a form of attendance register. The cell leader then records audio and video of the meeting and can also take photos.

Once the meeting is adjourned, the cell leader can then close the meeting off, scan the members' cards to show that members were there until the end and save all the information to the cloud based hosting. The cell leader will be able to view information saved from previous meetings.


Reporting is based on attendance and use of the application.

• Number of meeting requests sent
• Number of invites to cell members
• Number of cell members attended
• Meetings per week
• Meetings per month
• People per location
• Average age per location attending

Note Taking

The note taking module allows the user to take notes anywhere anytime with the application, the user then save these notes for further reading or email the notes to a friend, the chairman of the group, or fellow members. This can be done while they are meeting in a group or they can recall the message later.

The application allows the user to type a message, the message is auto saved when the user closes the note. This is a useful function when there is an important discussion and the user would like to make a note about certain quotes that would assist them at a later stage.

Quiz – Survey

The survey module aids in the gathering of information and statistics, via surveys and quizzes. The information helps with further development of Soul City programmes, and to see what works and what won’t work with audiences.

The administrator can setup surveys via the administrator's console, the questionnaires consist of text type answers, yes/no fields and ratings of 1-10. Once the questionnaires have been completed, users of the application are able to answer. All answers are submitted to the database.

The administrator can use this information to build various reports and statistics for management, sponsors or to get feedback/ratings on current services offered. This engages the users of the application, making it a two-way-communication channel.

Mxit Integration

The Mxit platform allows users with feature phones and smartphones to communicate at a very low cost. Group chats are created, this allows multiple users to discuss and participate in topics of their choice.

SAB MS&D Conference

Castle Lager


Buckley & Co. developed the Castle Lager presentation for the SAB MS&D Conference which included communication strategy, video content, animation, layout, design, live performances and speaker coaching.

Castle Lager was voted best presentation for the SAB MS&D Conference.

UI/UX Design

Soul Buddyz


Buckley & Co. designed the new Soul Buddyz App which included the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) interface designs, blue print, wireframes, journey, strategy, and conceptualisation.

We also designed the App store graphics for Google Play and the Apple App Store in-line with Soul Buddyz' funky brand CI.

Keynote Presentation



Buckley & Co. designed the Samsung 'Keynote' presentation for the Samsung Global Forum which included communication visuals, presentation content, animation, layout, design, and on-site support in Turkey and Monaco (France).

We where also the on-site operators and technical support for all the keynote speakers of the Samsung Global Forum.




HIRApp is a comprehensive Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Tool for workplace health and safety. With instantaneous reporting and a visual live feed, HIRApp uses cutting-edge technology to simplify the HIRA processes.


The simple and easy to use HIRApp allows you to view the hazards in your immediate environment, chart the status of any reported hazard on site or report new hazards and compile and send reports.


Clicking on the map icon brings up a virtual map of your working environment which displays all of the hazards in your immediate area. Tapping on any particular icon will bring up a more detailed report, including a risk assessment class and image of the actual hazard.


With the camera of a smart device users can add hazards to the virtual map by taking a photograph of a hazard and following the onscreen instructions.

Risk Assessment

This function allows you to categorize hazards and assess the severity of the risk each hazard possesses. The risk assessment matrix helps categorise hazards by charting their severity against the probability of their causing harm in the workplace.

Live Feed

Once hazards have been reported, they can be tracked using the 'Hazard' tab which allows you to track the hazard resolution progress via a live feed.


By tapping on a particular hazard you can view a detailed report or send instantaneous updates. The report button allows you to compile monthly reports, helping you keep track of workplace Hazard ID, Risk Assessments and Hazard resolution in your workplace.


The contacts tab allows you to instantaneously contact the right people in any given emergency, meaning that you will always have the right people for the job on site when and where you need them, and with live updates and notifications you will always instantly know when and where every hazard on site is.

Get the HIRApp

Download the HIRApp for free from the iStore and Google Play.

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Service Offerings

These are some of our great service offerings

Graphic Design

We specialise in stunning layouts and designs and assist you through the entire process, from concept to final print setup. We also specialise in developing great marketing campaigns to give you the competitive edge in the industry.

3D Animation

We have years of experience in motion graphics and 3D animation, we use advanced animation programs to create high quality brand videos and commercials.


We specialise in Apple Keynote and Microsoft Powerpoint presentation creation and design, and work in any format from the standard 4x3 to wide 16x9 or custom sizes for large conferences.

Mobile & Software Development

At Buckley & Co, we believe the applications we develop are an investment to our clients. To us, it is essential that we forge the best business tools to give our clients the competitive edge within their industries.

Motion Graphics

From high-end broadcast commercial to internal induction training videos to large scale digital conference opening sequences, we deliver the best in the industry.

On-Site Support

We are experienced Apple Keynote and Microsoft Powerpoint specialists, with a proven track record of more than two hundred successful conferences, corporate functions and events.

Support Services

To enhance our extensive marketing and development service offering, we employ the following supporting services


We offer Litho and Digital printing. Litho printing is best suited for larger print runs.

Digital printing (aka colour laser printing) is the most cost effective solution for smaller print runs.

Hotfoil Stamping

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your designs, this is a process whereby metallic foil is applied/stamped on to the surface of the paper using heat and pressure.

It’s a sure-fire way of making your design feel more expensive and aspirational.


Embossing is done by pressing a sheet of paper into a die that has a design engraved into it.

Registered embossing is a process that places the embossed image in alignment with another element created with ink, foil, or with a second embossed image.

Die Cutting

Die-cutting offers a way to create interesting shapes, contours, flaps, holes, etc. thereby enhancing the visual appeal and attracting attention.

This makes die-cutting a popular choice for printed pieces used in the promotion of a product or business.


Design Projects


Mobile Apps


Event Presentations


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Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is cutting-edge technology that allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world, connecting you with more meaningful content in your everyday life. With the camera and sensors in a smartphone or tablet, AR adds layers of digital information directly on top of items in the world around us.


Featured (AR) App - Isuzu JIMS App

Within our interactive mobile service offerings, we utilise Augmented Reality (AR) and provide the end user with a real world experience.

What people say

  • “Thanks again for the oustanding work you do! Your work in producing the backbone of my presentation was once again second to none...thought tied with one!„

    Paul Verdu / General Manager - SAB Global Brands

  • “Thank you for your great work on my MS&D presentation, once again, spectacular!„

    Alastair Hewitt / General Manager - Castle Lager & Sports Sponsorship.

Showreel - Motion Design


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